Stand Your Ground – Juno in Astrology 


Juno represents our disposition toward connections in astrology, all the more specifically long haul, serious relationships.  capricorn zodiac sign


Juno was Jupiter’s wife in Greek folklore, and she remained with him through various challenges, regardless of how rough their Marriage was now and again. 


Juno comprehends the worth of responsibility more than any other person and understands the stuff to have a relationship that stands the trial of time. 


The vast majority of us have some challenges around making the change from heartfelt love to responsibility. In astrology, Venus and the fifth house are associated with heartfelt love and the start of connections, while Juno and the seventh house are associated with submitted and official partnerships. 


Juno is, in a real sense, recognized as the space rock of Marriage. The mysterious examination has displayed again and again the solid connection between Juno and Marriage. Juno travels frequently spring up in marriage diagrams or spouse/wife synastries. 


Juno In Capricorn 


In Capricorn, Juno is solid and holds fast. 


More than in some other sign, Juno in Capricorn requests regard. She makes up her brain and oozes authority through her quality, class and extraordinary style. 


Juno is Capricorn is searching for partners who comprehend her desire and drive for progress. 


The positive characteristics of Juno in Capricorn are responsibility, profundity, steadiness, and a solid feeling of obligation. Conversely, the negative characteristics of Juno in Capricorn are:

  • Dread of letting completely go.
  • Bossiness.
  • An excess of a spotlight on status and acknowledgement.

Juno in Capricorn may often think more about “making things official” than about heartfelt love. 


Also, because Juno is the Goddess of Marriage, she will take Marriage with the most extreme reality in Capricorn. She considers union to be a common agreement in which the two partners support each other’s standing, ascend the social stepping stool and keep each other looking great. 


Jupiter In Capricorn Transit 


Juno’s travel in Capricorn will request that we “officialize” our partnerships, sign long haul contracts and “start thinking responsibly”. 


Like never before, you will currently need to invest heavily in your partner – not in the route Juno in Leo “boasts” with a beautiful or rich sweetheart. However, a feeling of pride for the achievements, achievement, and authority partner has acquired through difficult work. 


The more profound importance of Juno in Capricorn is tied in with assuming liability for our own life. 


Maybe than searching for somebody who “started acting responsibly”, we need to BECOME ourselves that capable partner we are searching for. We need to focus on turning into the best form of ourselves.



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