Angel Island is a Diversion From the Ordinary

For those planning to purchase a home in Los Angeles don’t be afraid to be as selective as you want when deciding on the neighborhood. Whatever your individual requirements are for a place to live, Los Angeles has surely got the neighborhood for you and you don’t have to be rich to live there. grabovoi codes list

Eagle Rock is a neighborhood in the Northeastern part of Los Angeles and has been around since it was incorporated in 1911, then annexed into Los Angeles in 1923. The area was originally inhabited by the Tongva, an aboriginal tribe who hunted and fished there until they were displaced by Spanish settlers in the 18th century. So what makes Eagle Rock special?

The motion picture industry has a lot to do with it. Films such as Reservoir Dogs, The Hunt for Red October, and Top Gun were shot in part in Eagle Rock. The neighborhood also played home to the famous 1990’s TV show, Beverly Hills 90210 which used the local college campus to represent “California University”. Avril Lavigne’s video, Complicated was shot at the mall there, and these days Glee also shoots some scenes there as well.

In 2008 Los Angeles City Planning Department released its population figures and put Eagle Rock down for just under 35,000 people, with a population density of 7644 people per square mile. About half of the residents here are White and Asian, and about 40% are Hispanic. Residents there enjoy an above average income around $65,000 per household.

If you want to rub elbows with someone famous but don’t want to live in Hollywood this is probably the place to do it. Eagle Rock boast a long list of famous persons including; Matt Damon and Ben Affleck while writing Good Will Hunting, Marlon Brando and Luke Wilson, and musicians like Zac Baird of Korn and Moody Blues, Guy Allison. A number of well- known artists reside, or have resided there like, Mark Ryden and Marion Peck. The list goes on and on, too many to mention here.

So if you’re moving to Los Angeles and have the freedom to pick and choose when it comes to location, you might want to make the drive to the Eagle Rock neighborhood, it’s got a lot to offer. Just Google Eagle Rock and you’ll find out everything you wanted to know that can’t be found out without driving there in person. Good luck and happy exploring.


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